Rent a Car With Us

Dear Customers,

Please let us draw your attention to our rent-a-car service, offering you the whole range of vehicles as an ideal solution for your transport problems.
We can offer you a wide range of vehicles for rental, from small family cars to nine seat vans and even 3.5 ton trucks. Our vehicles are equiped to guarantee you a pleasant, safe and carefree driving experience. Our charges are set to cater for all of your car rental needs.
Please feel free to contact us in our office at any time; we will be pleased to help you.

Our special offer:

Vehicles type:
Daily rates
(max. 100 kms/day)
Daily rates
(unlimited kilometers)
Weekend rates
(unlimited kilometers)
Weekly rates
(unlimited kilometers)
Renault Clio HUF   9.906,- HUF 12.954,- HUF 25.908,- HUF   77.724,-
Nissan Note HUF 10.795,- HUF 14.605,- HUF 29.210,- HUF   87.630,-
Ford Focus HUF 12.065,- HUF 17.653,- HUF 35.306,- HUF 105.918,-
Ford Focus Turnier HUF 13.843,- HUF 18.415,- HUF 36.830,- HUF 110.490,-
Renault Grand Scenic HUF 16.383,- HUF 22.733,- HUF 45.466,- HUF 136.398,-
Ford Mondeo HUF 20.193,- HUF 26.543,- HUF 53.086,- HUF 159.258,-
Renault Trafic
HUF 21.463,- HUF 27.813,- HUF 55.626,- HUF 166.878,-
Renault Kangoo LGV. 0,6 t HUF 13.843,- HUF 17.145,- HUF 34.290,- HUF 102.870,-
Ford Transit LGV. 1,6 t HUF 20.193,- HUF 24.003,- HUF 48.006,- HUF 144.018,-

Above prices include VAT at 27%.

Each extra km will be charged at the rate of HUF 38,-/km.
Our weekend offer is available from Friday 12:00 a.m. to Monday 9:00 a.m.

You can download the "Rental Charges" in pdf. form here.

Renter may go abroad exclusively with a special permission! Its extra charge is HUF 4.953,-/day.

Our prices include: liability car insurance, insurance for collision damage and theft, service charges, interieur-exterieur cleaning, vehicle weight tax, amortization costs and motorway toll for Hungary.

You can download the "General Terms of Rental Agreement" in pdf. form here and our prospect in pdf. form here.

Please feel free to contact us!